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Why Do We Delay Tough Decisions?

tough decision

Most leaders will tell you that when they look back on tough decisions, they regret not having made them quicker.

In many cases , the root causes are:

The action itself is difficult because we truly like the person and we see many good qualities about them, both personally and professionally. We often feel culpable for putting them in a position in which they could not succeed.

We want the individual to succeed and maybe if we give them more time, if we apply more attention, it can be turned around.

We fear what will happen if the position is vacant.

We think that a so-so status quo is better than the fix.

But inherently we know, inherently we have made the decision…and ultimately we make the decision.


It is our job to put the right people on the right seat in the bus.

It is our job to make the tough calls quickly

We know that replacing a B player with an A player has exponential impact

Doing the tough stuff will always be hard and uncomfortable. Doing it sooner rather than later ends up preventing more disappointments down the road.

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Ellipsis AdvisorWhy Do We Delay Tough Decisions?