Advisory Services

Advisory Services

My clients hire me to be available to them for thought partnership across all facets of their business – from tactical opportunities and issues, to strategic product and growth initiatives.

My clients receive engagement with someone who has “been in their shoes”, who has led and developed executive teams and organizations and who has consistently delivered results.

My model is simple and effective. All of my clients come through referrals. I maintain a limited set of clients, who engage me on a retainer basis –this model is designed to allow me to be accessible for them, when they need me. While our engagements are often scheduled, more often my clients reach out to me on a tactical basis – when they are experiencing situations and opportunities that warrant perspective and thought partnership.

My engagements typically are on an ongoing basis, making this a very close, mutually-vested process, where my deep understanding of my client and their business continues to deliver accretive value. As is the case with their business, my work with my clients takes on different facets as their business and personal priorities and challenges shift. I am not a consultant; and while coaching is certainly a component of my service, I differentiate in offering comprehensive, experienced-based thought partnership.

My engagements are structured with the understanding that this is a close, deep advisory relationship – as such, both parties in the relationship need to “click” and, at any point, if either party feels that the engagement is not adding value, the engagement is easily altered or terminated. Bottom-line, I am available to add differentiated value and my contribution is constantly evaluated.

My experience ranges from CEO of multinationals, to entrepreneur, early stage investor and engagement with social entrepreneurs -this is a significant differentiator and allows me to offer deep and wide experience and a comprehensive network.

Whether driven by the organization or by the executive, executive coaching and advisory expertise have become an integral part of companies’ effective talent management and succession strategies.

Let's work together

While most of my engagements are one-on-one, inevitably I will introduce and engage my network to assist my clients in providing them with broader, unique perspectives, often unlocking significant value.It is not unusual for me to leverage my network to facilitate roundtable discussions and meetings for my clients that complement topics we are addressing at the time. For example, I have facilitated “thought partnership forums” for clients where they get the opportunity to meet with a group of CEOs and relevant parties to address desired business agendas and priorities.

Typically I am engaging with my clients once to twice per month; but as situations dictate, this can vary significantly. Bottom line, my model is one of intimate thought partnership and accessibility, as needed, to allow my clients to think through priorities tactically and make decisions based on maximum perspective.

  • I have known Hans for a number of years and have continually relied on him for advice and guidance when faced with challenging circumstances in business. Such situations have spanned a broad range of topics, and Hans has always been able to provide insights and examples from his own base of experience that have been most useful in charting my own course.

    Steve Robb SVP Products & Services at ControlScan
  • Hans, has been a great thought partner to have. He is always available and has helped me strategize on a number of large decisions. I would highly recommend him to any CEO that is looking for help with strategy and growth opportunities.

    Jeff Desich Equity Trust Company
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