Our Stories Matter

Everybody has their story. Over the last years I have tried to better understand my own story. It has led me to writing this book. It is a collection of character sketches, a collection of observations of people who intrigued me and influenced me by the very character and soulfulness they portrayed – people with whom I hardly engaged! We all have our stories; everyday we are touched by people…they come and go, a fleeting touch or interaction. But nothing is fleeting; nobody is fleeting. Part of the journey to understand ourselves is about opening up to all that is around us … to perceive, to respond, to take a risk and step beyond ourselves. Being present, being aware takes effort, takes discipline … but the reward is so very great. I want to rip the blinders off. Because our stories matter.

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50 Words (A Simple Legacy)

If you could have only 50 words and hand them down to the next generation, which words would you choose? Which words would represent your values, your guidance, your aspiration, your hope for the world? Which words represent the stewardship that we need to embrace as human beings; the obligations we have to all living beings, to this planet and to future generations? These 50 words are my legacy to my children.

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