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Coaching & Advising Beyond The Comfort Zone

As we advance in our careers , we do so along certain exeprience tracks. My path to general management was largely along the tracks of sales and operations. Others rise through other tracks such as Finance or Customer Service.

When we then assume broader general management responsibilities, it is only natural that we have less depth of experience in the tracks we did not pursue to get us there. And yet we now have accountability for them. In the same vein, the tracks we developed along the way are our comfort zones.

When we assess and act on problems and opportunities we act faster and more decisively along the tracks of our comfort zones. More experience…less risk.

This is why great leaders surround themselves with A players – with people that fill the gaps.

This is why great leaders avail themselves of coaches and advisors- to provide perspective (advisors) and tools (coaches) that allow them to go beyond the comfort zone of what got them here. To gain perspective for good and fast decision-making in those areas. Great leaders have skills that allows them to respond to opportunity and adversity. But we all feel comfortable in our comfort zones.

Great leaders have an intrinsic desire to surround themselves with as much perspective and help that they can because they understand that this leads to greater results.

What are your tracks? Where are your comfort zones? Does your team complement your gaps?

Do you have mentors and advisors that will keep you true, push you outside of your tracks?

As you develop your Team, do you talk about this with your people? Do you provide them with coaches and advisors to make them better leaders?

Great leaders develop themselves and their people. They avail themselves of great talent and of every possible resource to gain the edge.

Consider it for yourself. For your team.

Hans HicklerCoaching & Advising Beyond The Comfort Zone