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Move that culture imperative into Objectives

trustIn discussing moving the needle on culture and norms, my conversation inevitably goes to the premise that the Leadership Team has to model it first.

As such, we as a team need to work at the process of being vulnerable with each other to really create trust.

That trust in turn leads to transparency.

And that transparency amongst team members leads to high performance.

And it all starts with us as leaders.

But there is more. At the end of the day, in a Performance Management culture, how do I put this emphasis on culture into the objectives that drive how I evaluate my team members?

I embedded it as an objective, an objective that drive bonus evaluation.
For my directs, my Leadership Team, 25% of their bonus was dependent on this objective:
“Works well as a teammember. Holds interest of team as a priority-as evaluated by me. ”
The first time I did this, I got a lot of pushback:

“ It’s qualitative” – yes it is.
“It’s not a fair evaluation of my performance” – yes it is. This expectation is as important as any other expectation I have.
I was told that I might not see teamwork happening.  My answer to that was, if I don’t see it, it’s not happening enough.

Bottom line, tying key expectations to how we evaluate our leaders is  important. And if it’s about skills and behavior, be ok with subjective evaluation! And if a team member does not d liver on this expectation , performance manage it like any other expectation you have of them!
If culture and teamwork building is critical, then hold your team accountable, show them it matters to you beyond words.

Hans HicklerMove that culture imperative into Objectives