Move that culture imperative into Objectives

In discussing moving the needle on culture and norms, my conversation inevitably goes to the premise that the Leadership Team has to model it first. As such, we as a team need to work at the process of being vulnerable with each other to really create trust. That trust in turn leads to transparency. And

shiny objects

Chasing Those Shiny Objects

In my work with CEOs, I spend time on the subject of Focus. While we inherently understand the importance of focus in achieving our goals, the truth is it can often be elusive. As leaders we are confronted daily with opportunities and challenges, those unexpected, unplanned occurrences that disrupt a carefully planned day. While planning



I was thinking about Joel Greenberg. Joel was one of my earliest inspirations in the business world, and he passed away suddenly. I thought back to 1984, APL’s office on Broad Street as I started as a management trainee. Joel would call me into his office with my latest writeup on his desk and start


Walking Your Employees Through The Wall

One of the most relevant and worst performing questions in employee engagement surveys is “I understand how my work relates to the strategy of the company.” In the mid 90’s I ran a customer Service Center, and our employee engagement survey had several areas of improvement that we had to address – one of them

Modeling Worrying

Fine Line between Scenario Modeling and Worrying

As leaders we have to anticipate. Anticipate Customer reaction, Board member expectations, scenarios of business outcomes. We make our assumptions based on the best information and experience of our team and then we execute. But when we plan, make assumptions and begin to deploy our business plan, we also have to scenario model that unanticipated

Good Fast Or Cheap – Pick One

“Good, Fast or Cheap – Pick one” That’s what my CIO told me at his first briefing when I took my CEO position. “If you want a good system, you won’t get it fast or cheap If you want it fast, it won’t be good or cheap If you want it cheap, it won’t be good and