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Be Selfish with your time, with the resources you bring to the table.

Be Selfish with your time.

I am a member of YPO and am part of a forum of 7 of us CEOs that have been meeting once a month for a half day – for 10 years now. We discuss everything from business to family to personal.  A lot of trust.  Forum comes with a methodology that enables vulnerability, sharing, problem solving, leveraging the vast experience of the others.
That is well over 1,000 hours I have dedicated to my forum.
We have gone through great cycles and not so great cycles. The main determinant?
·      Are we all in, are we committed to using the time to get value and to give value?
·      Are we open, honest, vulnerable and willing to peel the onion, go beyond the comfort zone, call each other out?
In other words, we determine what we get out of this time, and what we are willing to put into it. And with only 5 hours a month, that means I have to be selfish and assure that I leverage my forum to help me in the things I have going on.  I have to want to present to the group. Because if I don’t, I am wasting my time. And I have to be selfish in assuring that my time with the group assures I am adding value.  If I don’t feel I am adding value to them, then my time is better spent elsewhere.
Think about what is important and what is clutter. Focus on the people that add value, the activities that add value, the routines and disciplines that add value.
Selfish is good. We only have so many hours in the day.  We can choose a cluttered potpourri of things to do, or we can focus on what matters to us and spend our time there. My forum is valuable to me. Can’t do without it. I strive to be valuable to them, all the time.
My time is worth that.
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Hans HicklerBe Selfish with your time, with the resources you bring to the table.