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go for it

Fine – Go For It!

Go for it My first job ever, right out of the APL Management Training Program , was when Joel Greenberg put John Motley and me together to start an inside sales process for New York City customers. Operative word “Inside”. John, amazing technologist, whipped up an SFO system for us (1985!) and off we went.

be selfish

Be Selfish

Be Selfish with your time, with the resources you bring to the table. I am a member of YPO and am part of a forum of 7 of us CEOs that have been meeting once a month for a half day – for 10 years now. We discuss everything from business to family to personal.


Walking Your Employees Through The Wall

One of the most relevant and worst performing questions in employee engagement surveys is “I understand how my work relates to the strategy of the company.” In the mid 90’s I ran a customer Service Center, and our employee engagement survey had several areas of improvement that we had to address – one of them

Modeling Worrying

Fine Line between Scenario Modeling and Worrying

As leaders we have to anticipate. Anticipate Customer reaction, Board member expectations, scenarios of business outcomes. We make our assumptions based on the best information and experience of our team and then we execute. But when we plan, make assumptions and begin to deploy our business plan, we also have to scenario model that unanticipated

tough decision

Why Do We Delay Tough Decisions?

Most leaders will tell you that when they look back on tough decisions, they regret not having made them quicker. In many cases , the root causes are: The action itself is difficult because we truly like the person and we see many good qualities about them, both personally and professionally. We often feel culpable

Good Fast Or Cheap – Pick One

“Good, Fast or Cheap – Pick one” That’s what my CIO told me at his first briefing when I took my CEO position. “If you want a good system, you won’t get it fast or cheap If you want it fast, it won’t be good or cheap If you want it cheap, it won’t be good and

Herr Schnerr – It’s All Coming Back Now

I give a presentation to University Students in which I do a “career walk” , connecting the dots of the major decisions and pivotal moments in my career and the lessons that I learned from them. I begin the presentation with guidance my father gave me as I left college. One of the students in


Entrepreneurs – Taken By Surprise; Depth Of The Market

Continuing my series on asking some of the entrepreneurs I work with about the biggest thing that took them by surprise, or something they underestimated, Matthew Wensing, CEO of Riskpulse, has been building a business that uses weather and risk data to optimize supply chain efficiency and cost. Matthew talks about how understanding your market

Selling B2B

Entrepreneurs – Taken By Surprise – Selling B2B

I asked some of the entrepreneurs I work with about the biggest thing that took them by surprise, or something they underestimated, in starting their first ventures. @Marco Giberti, Founder and CEO of Vesuvio Ventures, has deep experience launching several startups and as a seasoned early-stage investor and business-builder. His response around working in the


Bootstrapped Entrepreneur – Not Good For The Venture

I have been an early stage investor for quite some time, and have the pleasure of working with and investing in several on an ongoing basis in my business. One of the things I value in the CEO of an early-stage company is their good stewardship of the funds with which their investors entrust them.