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What Are Your Core Beliefs?

As part of my exercises in self-awareness, I have done numerous projects.  I wrote my books – 50 Words, Our Stories Matter.
I meditate daily.
And recently as some work I am doing with my YPO forum, I challenged myself to think about my core beliefs.  I am taking this exercise in two steps:
1. Almost stream of consciousness, without preparation, write the beliefs that come to mind
2. Discuss and reflect. Refine
Below is what came out of step 1.  First confirmation- having a belief system and being true to it …two different things:
Here they are:
I believe in the underlying goodness of people
I believe  that simple is good
I believe in the energy that connects us all
I believe that we have an obligation towards others
I believe we have an obligation to all things living, the planet
I believe in engagement , in not standing on the sidelines
I believe in leaving no loved one behind
I believe that saying  I love you  is a  blessing
I believe that sometimes logic and common sense must be discarded, at the risk of my stability,  to pursue what I feel is right – that things will work out
I believe that empathy must replace envy and greed
I believe if we open ourselves to others, we open doors to ourselves
I believe that everyone’s story matters

What are yours?

Hans HicklerWhat Are Your Core Beliefs?