Selling B2B

Entrepreneurs – Taken By Surprise – Selling B2B

I asked some of the entrepreneurs I work with about the biggest thing that took them by surprise, or something they underestimated, in starting their first ventures. @Marco Giberti, Founder and CEO of Vesuvio Ventures, has deep experience launching several startups and as a seasoned early-stage investor and business-builder. His response around working in the

Sales – What’s in Your Wallet?

I am a big believer in the performance and productivity of the sales team; that sales people have to be part of the team as well as understand that their success relies on how well they work with other groups in the company. Having said that, sales people must see themselves as CEOs of their

daily priorities

My 6 Daily Priorities

Meditate Exercise Write Read Work Be with/Reach out to/Be present with the people that matter in my life None is more important than the other

Finally – Supply Chain Visibility To Act On When It Matters

Visibility along the supply chain consistently sits as a top priority for customers of supply chain companies. They want it, they need it and it has become a commodity. If you don’t have supply chain visibility as part of your product suite, you aren’t getting the business. But visibility is about reporting what has transpired,

What makes me Tick

I like to surround myself with positive, fun, challenging, energetic people. And I want to be that way too. Conversely, I make an effort not to surround myself with negative people, with people that drain my energy. I like to spend time everyday on self-awareness. I meditate, I write. It is as important as anything

The Right Hire Fails When I Don’t Do My Part

It has been three months since you brought in your newest VP. You are getting to the point where that nagging feeling is becoming more of a certainty: They aren’t fitting in They aren’t picking up the ball and running with it; They are not supporting your vision. It’s not working out? It has happened

Don’t Get Pulled Into The Storm

One of the great things about life is that everyday we have control over how we will respond to things; whether we will let things consume us or whether we will focus on the controllables at our disposal. And yet so often we are sucked in by a crisis, by the spontaneous – we react

Hiring That Executive – High Stakes

In working with my clients, I have had numerous conversations about hiring executives. Hiring that CEO for your business, or that senior executive for your team is a high-stakes game. Getting it wrong is costly across too many dimensions. And by the time you have that shortlist of candidates, it is not about qualifications. It

When That Culture Work Pays Off

Creating a culture is one of the hardest things to do. It requires Leadership from the top to clearly articulate what it stands for. It requires that actions mirror that intent. it requires fortitude, consistency and continuity of purpose And it requires time to take hold. When it does, it does not need to be

An Offer You Cannot refuse

I read a blog recently that in this new generation of leadership, the performance review is outdated. I actually agree with that but it got me thinking. What is not outdated is strong, timely feedback. What is not outdated, is leaders sharing their perspective. What is not outdated is receiving guidance based on years of