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Move that culture imperative into Objectives

In discussing moving the needle on culture and norms, my conversation inevitably goes to the premise that the Leadership Team has to model it first. As such, we as a team need to work at the process of being vulnerable with each other to really create trust. That trust in turn leads to transparency. And

shiny objects

Chasing Those Shiny Objects

In my work with CEOs, I spend time on the subject of Focus. While we inherently understand the importance of focus in achieving our goals, the truth is it can often be elusive. As leaders we are confronted daily with opportunities and challenges, those unexpected, unplanned occurrences that disrupt a carefully planned day. While planning


My Salespeople Are Freewheeling

Recent work with one of my clients focuses on sales productivity. Over the  last years he has focused on up-talenting and organizing his organization to prepare for the next years of growth.  In the sales area he has strong leadership and a solid team of salesreps. ‘They are good, but they are freewheeling”, he tells



I was thinking about Joel Greenberg. Joel was one of my earliest inspirations in the business world, and he passed away suddenly. I thought back to 1984, APL’s office on Broad Street as I started as a management trainee. Joel would call me into his office with my latest writeup on his desk and start


Blockchain One Link At A Time For The Supply Chain

There is a lot of talk and excitement about blockchain being a real opportunity for supply chain.   I believe  that blockchain will be an important evolution in supply chain management. International trade is essentially a contract of carriage and the execution of it.   As the Maersk/IBM blockchain pilot showed, that simple contract and

brazil startups

Brazil startups – importance of the platform

As I work with my Logistics startups in Brazil, there is one commonality that emerges as being critically value-add. The platform! The value propositions of Mandae, CargoX, Comprovei and Athenas are radically different, disrupting and solving unique Logistics opportunities. What sits at the core of these companies, and what emerges as an ever increasingly important

Startup Mindset I wish I Had Known Then

Startup Mindset I wish I Had Known Then Early stage companies look to scale and as they become successful, they have to take on some of the organizational and process dynamics of big corporations –  how to structure, how to scale execution. But the more I work with these early stage companies, the more I

core beliefs

What Are Your Core Beliefs?

As part of my exercises in self-awareness, I have done numerous projects.  I wrote my books – 50 Words, Our Stories Matter. I meditate daily. And recently as some work I am doing with my YPO forum, I challenged myself to think about my core beliefs.  I am taking this exercise in two steps: 1.


I am seriously bullish on Brazil Logistics startups in!

I am involved with 4 early stage companies in the logistics space in Brazil: Athenas, CargoX, Comprovei, and Mandae. (at the bottom of this blog is a brief description and links to these companies) With the economy in turmoil and politics and corruption scandals choking its recovery, investing in Brazil startups seems a risky proposition


Otimismo em relação às startups brasileiras de logística

Estou envolvido em quatro empresas brasileiras do segmento de logística que estão em estágio inicial: Athenas, CargoX, Comprovei e Mandaê (no final desse post há uma pequena descrição e links para essas empresas). Com a economia instável, aliada aos escândalos políticos e de corrupção que impedem a recuperação do país, investir em startups brasileiras parece